I am ready, I am willing to drown.

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I was sitting alone at the bus stop and an older man offered me French fries and told me I’m pretty and yeah that’s my exciting Friday night

Can I get summoned to court for having weed if the police didn’t confiscate it and gave it back to me? One of them said they were gonna but I think they were making fun of me
Like I have the weed, what am I gonna say in court? The police gave it back to me and I smoked a blunt before coming here ??????
Were they just trying to scare me?

I just got surrounded by cops because the kid I was with just got off probation and they found my weed and I FREAKED OUT and ruined everything they were so mean they were like “you sure know how to pick them, Julian. I wonder what pickup lines you use”
They didn’t take my weed but they said they were gonna summons me I’m crying I’m gonna lose everything

"it stormed the other
night and it sounded like you.
the whole town flooded.”
— Amanda Helm, Haikus (8)